Did they put the wrong arms with T Rex?

Cause that’s what it looks like to me: like maybe that was some little chicken dinosaur he just happened to eat, so the bones were always next to him?

Docker advice

Every once in a while, make sure you run `docker system prune`.
Cause if you don't run it for a long time, and then you have to run it... well, let's just say I'm blogging because Docker has been busy the last five minutes or so.

The only propositions we should believe in are those scientifically verifiable!

Of course, the titular proposition is not scientifically verifiable.

So if we believe it, then we should not believe it.

"Multiculturalism" as Cover for Ethnocentricity

"All cultures are of course ethnocentric and few are genuinely aware of the degree of their own ethnocentricity." -- Alasdair MacIntyre, Three Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry, p. 28

I suggest that few people today are as blind to their own ethnocentricity as our current liberal, secularist, globalist elite. (And, of course, it is their occupation of the high ground in elite institutions around the world that partially protects them from the consequences of their own blindness.)

I contemplate this fact today after having just received a letter, from the leader of a global, elite institution, exhorting "every single member" of the community to support hey highly contentious point of view, one rejected by maybe 90% of the people on earth. And it was mandatory for everyone to support this controversial view in the name of... tolerance and inclusion!

The "multiculturalism" of our elites means that they will happily enjoy the "exotic" dress, food and…

GitHub is worried about bias against...

fashionable groups only!

Their new report on diversity is extremely concerned that they do not have enough "non-binary" employees, but...

their population is wildly "young-skewed"... but who cares! No one is awarding SJW-points for worrying about age discrimination.

And GitHub, why not report on the religious distribution of your population, or the political distribution? Aren't you worried that, say, Republicans or Orthodox Jews might be under-represented?

Of course you aren't! You are working damned hard to make sure that conservatives and the religiously orthodox are under-represented!

"Gender Identity"...

is now a research topic in... computer science.

And we used to be a serious discipline.