Libertarian comes to his senses...

Obama's Greatest Failure

Noted here:

"He could have saved middle-class homes with a New Deal-style mortgage bailout, dramatically reducing economic inequality, but further enriched the 1 percent instead."

Right: our great "egalitarian" president had a choice (given he was going to bail out someone!):
Bail out mortgage holders: the banks would survive, and struggling people would keep their homes.Bail out the banks, and let them seize the homes of the people whom they had duped into taking on ridiculous mortgages. And, my friends, which option did our great "man-of-the-people" choose?

The large number of counties that swung from supporting Obama in 2008 and 2012 to supporting Trump in 2016 didn't do so because these voters, who had supported a black man for president against a white man, had suddenly turned "racist" and... backed one white candidate against another white candidate?

Nope: they realized that Obama had completely sold them out to keep the Wall Street m…


At our Python Meetup today, my friend Aaron Hall asked for examples of good OOP practices.

I said, "DRY."

"TRY?" Aaron asked.

"No, DRY."

"Ah," he said, "don't repeat yourself!"

"You can say that again!" I responded.

Misunderstanding Costs in Value-Stream Mapping

I'm loosing my mind!

We were discussing the DevOps offerings of (Very Big Tech Company) the other day, and we had a rep from the company at class, along with some of their official slides.

In several of the slides, we were warned about "Loosing our source code" or "Loosing track of what packages are in a build."

What is going on with that word?

1) I never saw that mis-spelling 20 years ago; and
2) It is clearly a form of "lose," and I have never seen anyone mistake "loose" for "lose."

Any ideas?

I just walked almost 2 miles home…

Because I was too tired to get home any other way.

Not kidding: I was up working on the proofs I had to present today until about three in the morning. I was up at seven to give a lecture at nine. The rest of the day was full of coating, meetings, and another lecture. When I finally left at 5:30 PM, I thought of taking the subway. But I was too tired to fight with the crowds for space. Then I thought I might get a cab. But I was too tired to look around to find one and lift my arm up to hail one. Lyft? No, I was too tired to deal with my new Lyft app.
So I just walked. It was the easiest thing to do.