Zell Miller

I just saw Chris Matthew's interview with Senator Zell Miller. I guess it's fitting: the stupidest president we've ever had getting the stupidest man in the senate to cross parties to endorse him.


  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    No...the stupidist president we had was William Henry Harrison who at 69 ties RR for the oldest president to be elected. His inaugural address was longer than any up to that time (March 4, 1845)...apparently delivered in a soaking rainstorm that left him dead exactly one month to the day after the inaugural festivities.....just like a politician!

    Zell Miller stood up to the bulliest interviewer on television and thank God for that....Matthews is a democratic stooge and a pathetic cafeteria catholic who belongs in the ash heap of journalim..His days are numbered. And the stupidist US senators are the two birds he named in his speech....you know who they are.....the libs will never be a successful third party because despite all the self-congratulatory ideological purity...you have very little hold on either reality or morality.....and prolly not as much economic expertise as you fellows like to think you have.....

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