Propaganda 101

I'm cleaning out all of my accumulated junk (it's part of my "Honey Do" list from my wife) and I came across a "Global Social Studies" notebook from my high school days. I was quite amused at the "ID" section on the very first page of the notebook. Some excerpts:

Persian Gulf A very unstable area that is associated with many oil-producing countries. Because of their power over the economy, these countries are potentially very dangerous.

Saddam Hussein A very dangerous ruler of Iraq. He could try and take over all of the oil in the Persian Gulf, crippling the economy. He has already invaded and annexed Kuwait.

Helmut Kohl President of W. Germany, fighting to unify Germany.

Manuel Noriega A former leader of Panama who was voted out of office, but used force to retain his position. U.S. forces restored order.

Nelson Mandela A revolutionary in South Africa who was imprisoned for civil disobedience. He was released and toured the world, preaching about freedom for blacks in S.A.

(Oh, by the way, I went to a very reputable private, Catholic high school, and my Soc. Studies teacher was a very liberal guy!)


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