Karen DeCoster: Halfway There

This post about dog poop caught my attention at the end, where DeCoster writes:

"Or you can just pass costly, crazed, DNA doggie laws which 'respect property rights,' such as the article described. And then here’s the question: how will you enforce those mandates? By force? If it is truly 'voluntary,' you can turn your back on the condo mobocracy and refuse their Orwellian mandates."

The answer is "by force," of course -- the same way all "voluntary" private property rights are enforced. If private property were truly voluntary, I could just turn my back when some property owner tells me to get off his land.


  1. I find it very curious that you can't keep your eyes away from Lewrockwell.com and other libertarian websites. Don't Oakeshottians and have websites of their own? Please enlighten us. Stop living on the shadow of people who you (supposedly) don't look up to.

  2. "living on the shadow" -- you must have done well at mixed metaphor school!

    Why shouldn't I go to websites exhibiting an error I seek to criticize? If someone wants to critique Marxism, isn't it a little, well, stupid to ask him, "Oh, why do you spend all your time reading Marxist literature if you aren't a fan of Marx?"

  3. Oh, and by the way, I visit LewRockwell.com literally about 2 or 3 times a month. "Can't keep my eyes away" indeed!

  4. My comments keep disappearing!

  5. And now they are all back. Sigh.

  6. This is very unexpected. Thomas Dilrenzo is notable for having poop on the brain, yet he has been usurped from his poop throne by Kevin DeCoster.

    Something fishy is going on over at LRC, and I don't think it's this recent blog post:


  7. Oh I missed this! I got into it with Karen and some of her nuttier friends on her Facebook page. Some things I learned: if you have to go to court to enforce it, it's wrong. Banning pick-up trucks and instituting a dog-DNA regime are the exact same thing as banning blonde owners even if they already live there. Condo boards have unlimited power. The list does go on to breathtaking conclusion.


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