Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We sell quilts at discount price...

Living in a libertarian paradise:

"So the Bitcoin experience gives us a glimpse of Libertarian paradise: What life would be like with as little government interference as possible, in a market free of burdensome laws and taxes.

"Unfortunately, that experience looks like a total nightmare. It's characterized by radical instability, chaos, the rise of a boss-class of criminals who assassinate people they don't like, and a mass handover of wealth to a minority even smaller than the 1% that currently lauds it in the United States."

Who could imagine that assassins and other criminals would rise to the top in a stateless zone? Well, pretty much anyone not engaged in complete fantasy that calls something being placed beyond the realm of the state regulation "government intervention."

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  1. It looks like libertarianism in the real world is organized crime.


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