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The worst steaming pile of software of software feces I have ever used is... Google Docs! It has never taken me so long to figure out the basic sense of a piece of software from a familiar category as this nonsense. Just trying to control where your files are put is a continual challenge. And today, all of a sudden, my Word documents started opening with QuickDocs, an app I had never seen before. This wonder kept generating new file names on its own, so in a half-an-hour I had "Berkeley21.docx," "Berkeley22.docx," "Berkeley23.docx," and "Berkeley24.docx." But when I went to mail the doc to myself at the end of my work session, it turned out that the newest of these was "Berkeley22.docx"!

Does anyone out there have any experience with these apps who might make some sense out of this for me?


  1. Hi Gene. I only use the spreadsheets in Google Docs. I'm pretty happy with the spreadsheets. But I prefer Zoho Docs.

    Zoho has a word processor too.
    or maybe just

  2. My life improved dramatically when I installed google drive on all of my systems. If you prefer running your docs and spreadsheets in a browser, this is not the option for you. If you have Office installed on your devices then you'll probably find it useful.

    1. It's a Chromebook: can't install anything.


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