The Bizarre Statements Being Made by the Desperate GOP Elite

Look at Michael Barone here: "So it remains unclear whether a socially unconnected minority [Trump voters] will be able to impose their leader on the Republican Party..."

Trump voters are a bunch of losers. And they are attempting to "impose" their candidate on the rest of the GOP. How are they executing this "imposition"? Well, gosh darn it, they keep going out and... voting for him! The exact same way, in fact, that Barone hopes others can "impose" Cruz, or whoever else, on all of Trump's supporters.

PS: Of course, there is a reasonable anarchist critique of democracy for allowing the winning group of voters to "impose" their policies on the losers. I guarantee you that Barone is not offering such a critique! He is just unhappy that people are voting for a candidate he does not like.


  1. I love his comment on evangelicals not supporting Trump. It can't be his many marriages and flamboyant sex life; it can't be his language; it can't be that his main rival is himself an evangelical. No, it's because evangelicals like group bowling.

    I've noticed something similar at orgies. There are the Anglicans alone in a corner but the Seventh Day Adventists are in a big pile.


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