The Fat Lady Has Sung

Stick a fork in it. It's soup. Done and done. It's Miller time. The dishes are done, man! That's a wrap!

The election is over, and President Trump will be taking office in January. Not only do we have Clinton's figurative ("basket of deplorables") and literal stumbles over the weekend, but now National Review, the epicenter of #NeverTrump, has run a piece telling conservatives, "Face facts: Trump is our best choice."

We can expect 90% of the #NeverTrumpers to come around over the next couple of weeks, and sheepishly admit that by "never Trump" they actually meant, "almost never Trump, until it came right down to it."

"Post-pivot Trump" remains calm and magnanimous, and wishes Clinton a speedy recovery. Because that is the character he always intended to play once "crazy Trump" locked up the nomination.


  1. It is possible there are a lot of voters too embarrassed to admit they are voting for Trump, but I'll stay with Nate Silvers.

    1. I prefer Nate Silver myself.


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