The Purpose of Art

To believe that art exists for
a purpose is to be confused.
For those who do not see this,
I would ask you to ask yourself,
"What is the purpose of a landscape painting?"

And your inventing mind might invent a legitimate purpose
for that painting:
It could alleviate melancholy.
Maybe enchant the cubicled mind.

But to all these legitimate purposes we could add another:
our rectangular painting could serve as a dinner plate.

If you say that being a dinner plate is very different than being art,
I rest my case. For it is something like a prose article,
mascarading as a poem.


  1. Reading this reminded me of when I , in a roundabout way, asked a visitng artist to our college gallery how she responds when people say her work looks like vomit.

    One mans vomit is another mans dinner plate.

    1. More beautiful vomit?

  2. If art doesn't have a purpose then
    how can you tell good art from bad?

    1. What is better in art is what is more beautiful; that's how!


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