I'm out of touch, they're out of time

In showing how little my worry about progressive intolerance is "weird" and "out-of-touch", I cited an episode of Silicon Valley that exaggerated the anti-Christian bias in tech companies for comic effect.

At that point, lyin' reader rob accused me of mistaking paraody for reality, as if I were citing the SV episode as a series of events that actually happened.

Of course, what I saying was, "See, even the writers of this comedy series see the anti-Christian bias of tech companies." And the thing is, lyin' rob knew this. He was just trying to score rhetorical points. Meanwhile, the other lyin' rob completely shifted his attack on Edward Feser, from "Oooh, he thought he could use a definition to say what is and isn't a computer!" to "No, no, what I meant was he used a bad definition!"

So I've shut down comments, because these clowns are not even remotely arguing in good faith, and I don't have the time to waste to argue with liars.

But, here's an "out-of-touch" Rod Dreher column on the anti-Christian attacks on Chick-fil-a, for your viewing pleasure. An excerpt:

"In Massachusetts, if you in any way identify as opposed to the full panoply of LGBT rights, or even doubtful of them, you become an instant pariah. And depending on your profession, there will be major consequences."

This is what progressives mean by "tolerance": "If you deviate from the progressive line at all, we will destroy you!"


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