do the Amazon limbo

Moving across the country--as well as being costly--has forced me to acknowledge that hoarding "stuff" is just not going to cut it anymore. My belongings have become a very heavy ball and chain so I've made the once-frightening decision to unload a lot of it because there's no way I'm not moving again and it ain't coming with me. I've started by selling books and CDs off on and will eventually move on to eBay. Amazon despite being a little more expensive than eBay is better for unloading books with one amusing exception. Even if you price your product lower than everybody else, there will be someone who comes along and prices it lower than you, even if it's only by a penny. Fine, I understand that. What has made me cackle is the "battle" I'm having with one "HA Books" company. They priced their copy of a book I have for sale at a penny less than me. When I discovered this, I underpriced them by a dollar because they have a feedback number in the thousands that implies they are trustworthy. They returned the next day and one again underpriced me by a penny. Okay, I understand competition though I have to wonder how a company that sells hundreds of books per month has time to worry about one $5-6 sale. Maybe there is a high comedy quotient at Ha Books? Curious about it, I wondered what would happen if I now raised my price. Sure enough, they did as well--one penny below my new price. I guess this battle of wills will end when a customer finally purchases from one of us. Until then you can keep tabs on our battle at "Amazon".


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Great story. I'll watch with interest.

  2. the marketing strategy regarding pricing is to plant the notion in customers minds that a vendor is always priced lower. This style of pricing is to create loyal customers that will develop a brand loyalty and thus the vendor will then be able to push prices up incrementlly and be rewarded with higher profits from the "loyal" customers on future purchases.

  3. Anonymous2:02 AM

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