Shouting Out Greetings...

to the LSE massive, to the Lew Rockwell massive, to the Connecticut massive, and to the Brooklyn posse.

Hear me now: Dis here is Ali Gene, checking out dis blogging business me hear so much about, at the invitation of me main man, Gene Callahan.

Lemme tell you how I meet Gene. One day, me getting on the tube. Dis man, him have his bag on a seat, but when him see no other seats available, him take it off so I can sit. "Respect," I say to him.

"One love," him say back.

"RCBC," me tink, "dis man talks some Rasta language!" So, I begin to reason wit him a bit. "What book you reading dare?" I ask.

Him tell me someting dat sound like "L and M Tree Logic."

"What kind of crap book dat?" I ask him.

"Oh, I'm reading it for my course at LSE."

"Me tink dat big-time college filling your head wit some foolery, man, because trees, dem not have any sort of logic. Dem not tink at all, man. Dem some sort of vegetables."

Me have to chuckle to meself about what me tink of next. "Or like me last woman, Loretta. Except when she doing the jiggy, you could easily mistake her for a vegetable! Sitting, all day long, watching TV on the couch, like a turnip or someting. Me want to smoke some skunk and chill in peace, just level me vibes out, and I gotta to listen to Jerry Springer turned up so loud it like the bass level in me ride. Blouse and skirt!

Den, him and I find out we both have "Gene" in our names, and while him not have "Ali" in his, him does have "Allah." (Check it out, because I didn't see it at first eider -- it flip me right out when him point out to me how it hid in there, probably because dem Catholics and Moslems fighting in Ireland, so his ancestral peoples not want udders to know dey was from the Islam.) In any case, I and I get along so well dat Gene invite me to join dis blog. Respect due.

Well massives, me must go now. Me know all of you, especially you ladies, is gonna miss me, but me soon come back. Until then, increase the peace, and keep it real.


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