Pick, Pack, Pock, Puck

Well, now PUCK is really almost out -- maybe 3 weeks from availability -- I'll try to whet your appetite again. This is the publisher's blurb from the back cover:

Incorporating realism, science fiction, fantasy, and Joycean wordplay, PUCK expresses the universal theme of the ways in which an encounter with the central mysteries of existence can leave one’s life profoundly altered.
Weaving motifs from Egyptian, Irish, Greek, Tibetan, and Norse mythology into his narrative, author Gene Callahan draws us into the journeys of Dr. Morris Fitzmaurice, a brilliant chemist who is tormented by demons that may or may not be his own. After discovering the cure for psychosis, Dr. Fitzmaurice is nervous and uncomfortable with all the attention he receives. As he feels
increasingly isolated by his status, his drug and alcohol consumption also increases, further deteriorating his mental stability.
Tracing a pattern as complex and rich as our inner lives, Callahan’s unique and evocative tale follows Dr. Fitzmaurice as he encounters one bizarre phenomenon after another, inviting you on a dizzying ride that is alternately comic, tragic, enlightening, and mystifying.


  1. Sounds like Hunter Thompson.

  2. The book or the main character? If you mean the book, the writing is better in PUCK.

  3. The writing in PUCK is better than the writing in Hunter Thompson? Did he swallow a gum wrapper or something?

  4. No, it turns out he had swallowed this.

  5. It takes a good writer to get people to swallow the pure time preference theory...PUCK must be awesome! (Next you'll tell me it involves time travel.)

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