Weather Nonsense ends an article sensibly debunking the idea that forecasters can predict what area of the country will be hit by a hurricane with the following dictum:


This principle is absurd. Resources are scarse, and it is ludicrous for everyone everywhere to prepare equally for all risks. Should the residents of Labrador prepare for a hurricane "equally" to those of the Bahamas? After all, there's some chance, however small, that a hurricane will hit Labrador. And ilkewise, per this principle, the residents of the Bahamas should prepare for blizzards just as well as those of Fargo, ND.

What utter rubbish.


  1. Right on, Mr. Callahan! It's like the police department of some small town in northwestern Montana organizing a gang task force. Because there are gangs in Los Angeles, the folks in Great Falls ought to worry as well.

    Simply exposed, it benefits for everyone to fear the weather.

  2. Exactly. It would be lovely if we had infinite resources available to prepare for any possible disaster -- but if we had infinite resources, would we even need to prepare? -- but we don't, so we have to pick and choose.

  3. Wow, it makes me wonder if you guys even read the article? The author was actually criticizing the media for over-hyping seasonal predictions, as if individuals and municipalities in that year's "Danger Zone" were the only ones in harm's way.

    But what "scarse [sic]" resources are you talking about? Preparing oneself means making a plan and supply kit (ie, don't rely on cell phones and other modern conveniences). Most of the items in the suggested supply kit can be used in any disaster: flashlights and radios are helpful whether the power goes out from a hurricane, blizzard, tornado, earthquake, etc. If you live a colder clime, pack more blankets. You don't need infinite resources, just the appropriate ones. It's not too hard to understand, and it's certainly not "utter rubbish".


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