And the Mark of Moral Maturity Is...

Check out this post, linked to approvingly by Michelle Malkin. The author complains that we have "Obama strutting the world stage, telling us that 'climate change' is the problème du jour - and nothing is more important," a sign of what he calls "moral infantilism."

And his evidence that Obama is wrong about this is... a public opinion poll!

Yes, once we reach moral maturity, we'll form our moral views based on Bloomberg Polls.


  1. "'Discussion' with a Marxist or Positivist is senseless. One cannot enter into rational discussion with a "case" whose disease consists in the denial of the order of the logos." -- Eric Voegelin

  2. I think being the first one to comment on your own post could be construed as infantile. I shall poll my fellow Americans to see.

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  4. That didn't used to be the first comment, Bob.


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