Bob's Office

A short which includes my friend Matt Pollock.


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    This was part of the New York 48 Hour film contest. On a Friday night at 7PM, we were given the genre "Buddy Film". All entries had to have 3 things in common: A character named Bethany (or Benjamin) Grimes who is a professional organizer, use a set of keys as a prop, and have the line "You are not gonna believe what I just heard."
    We also decided to make ours a musical.
    This film was conceived, written, composed, recorded, shot and edited in 48 Hours.
    Matt Pollock

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  3. Pretty good. But why is "Bob" such a funny name? E.g. if it had been "Ted's office" or "Bill's office" it wouldn't have been nearly as funny.

    I'm not making a joke, and I'm not bitter (right now). I am seriously asking why it's objectively funnier that it was called "Bob's office" versus some other name.


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