The Day I Ran into the Economy

I tried to post this as a comment over at Marginal Revolution, but I kept getting the message, "We're sorry, we cannot accept this data." Whatever that means.

Boonton (a blog commentator): "The economy knew the new tech was great but also knew it was overdone so it looked for other things to take its place. Housing, finance, healthcare and other things were it."

Yes, I recall meeting "the economy" while it was looking around for things to take the place of high tech -- I think I bumped into it just outside of Topeka, at a rest stop along a lonely country highway. The economy was pumping some gas, the stub of a cigarette smoldering between its parched lips, the cracks in its leathery face showing beneath the three days of stubble on its cheeks. It had a sort of far-off, forlorn look in its eyes, but it assured me it was not going to create a bubble with the next "big thing." I knew then it was like a drunk coming off a bender, and it was just a matter of time before it was high as a kite on housing or some other cheap rot gut.


  1. In fairness to the blog commentator, the context of his comment was Kling talking about "the economy" needing to recalculate where to send workers.

  2. Bo, why you always wanna go and be "fair" when I'm tryna be funny?

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