What a Shock!

To find a blog post containing paranoia, crank science, and misinformation at this site!

First of all, as "evidence" that the swine-flu vaccine is toxic, Grigg links to... a peer-reviewed journal article? A large study showing the danger of the vaccine? No, he links to.. another crank writing on the Internet! In fact, there is apparently widespread scientific consensus that the vaccine is (relatively) safe. (All medical treatment carries risks! The relevant question is: Are the risks greater than the rewards?)

Secondly, "at gunpoint"! The article Grigg cites never even mentions if the deputies involved were armed, but certainly if they had drawn their weapons this would be mentioned. So this was certainly not done "at gunpoint" -- but boy, it makes a more dramatic headline to put in that lie, doesn't it?

Next, Grigg calls the child an "inmate." What horseshit. All three of my kids go to public schools, and you know what? Any day I want, I can keep them home. When I asked a teacher about taking my daughter out for a week to go to the UK, she said, "That's definitely worth missing school for!" Any day I want, I can put the kids in a different school or decide to home school them. And you know what else? Often, when I try to keep my kids home for some trip or such, they fight the idea! They want to go to school almost everyday. Public school children resemble "inmates" in that the they both spend time inside government-owned buildings. Otherwise, they are no more "inmates" than Grigg is an "inmate" of the LRC blog.

When a school official mentions it's often "useful" to have parents around -- because, you know, kids get scared of needles! -- Grigg decides "he meant that it’s useful to have a parent handy to coax his child into submitting to a government-mandated violation of his bodily integrity."

First of all, these vaccines are not, to my knowledge, ever "government-mandated" for school children. (And note: the last link is about consent forms being needed in West Virginia, where Grigg's horror tale took place.)

Secondly, does Grigg think that parents deciding what medical care their children receive is a "violation of their bodily integrity"? Perhaps infants should be asked before a thermometer is inserted in their fanny to get their temperature?

"The mother of the brutalized child..."

Ah! Brutalized children! The kid was scared of getting a shot that his parent(s) wanted him to get. Does Grigg think if my children are scared of some medical treatment, I should just say, "Well, all right then... no treatment for you!" And what was the child like after his/her "brutalization"? "Gamble said as soon as the nurse gave the boy his injection and told him he was done, he hopped up like nothing had happened." Wow, that sure is brutalized!

What totally inane, nutty paranoia. But, so long as inane, nutty paranoia is directed at "officials," LRC is all for it!


  1. LRC devolved into an whacky echo chamber long ago. I wonder whether it's worth your time to go after them; they've become easy targets.

  2. scineram10:58 AM

    Sure does. Someone has to. And Gene is more qualified for that than most others.

  3. I have blame to work off!

  4. GilesS5:29 PM

    This one time, I walked into the road as a kid and my mother pulled me back.

    I haven't found the right word to describe this traumatic event until now...

  5. BTW at least one person asked me what I thought of this post, so I agree with Gene that if the kid's parent(s) had signed a consent form in order for this to occur, that completely changes the story. Grigg certainly led me to believe that every kid in the public schools was forced to get a vaccination, which, in retrospect, seems highly unlikely--especially after the article Gene linked to.

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