Nagel Mildly Questions Orthodoxy, Causes Leiter to Shit a Water Buffalo

Just because you've spent half a century as one of the greatest philosophers in the world doesn't mean Brian Leiter won't trash you should you deviate from his religious dogmas!


  1. I'm glad he kept putting "[sic]" into the name of that institute, lest he mislead readers into believing they had actually discovered anything. I mean, there could be high school students reading. High school students!!

  2. Also, I am ashamed to admit that you tricked me, Gene. I was all ginned up, ready to be mad because you were linking to an overenthusiastic theist, and then when I realized what the deal was, I was like, "Oh yeah, Gene was so right!"

    Don't tell Robin Hanson. :(

  3. Does Robin Hanson contend that you are easy to trick?


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