I Can't Give It Away on 7th Avenue

My Mac laptop wasn't playing any sound, and when I tried to turn the volume up or down, a little circle with the line across it graphic came up, like it was telling me "No sound allowed."

So I searched Google for 'mac laptop "no sound"', and the very first hit recommended: "i stuck a head phone plug in the jack and smacked it a couple times and bam it works".

I tried this method and, bing-badda-bing, "it works"!

Two lessons:

1) Google is the best tech support desk ever, way better than doing something dumb like calling the manufacturer.

2) Smacking electronic devices: the fix that never grows old!


  1. This seems vaguely relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NxGO2lx-A0

  2. John, John, this is the Web -- we are allowed to link to web sites!


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