The Elegant, Insightful Tom DiLorenzo...

gives us some adult commentary on the political scene:

"The Obammunist’s socialized health care legislation..."

Oooh! "The Obammunist"! The only possible comeback would be something like "The DiLofascist." I think I will offer my services to Obama.

"Wicked Witch Pelosi (D-Botox)..."

Whoa! Tom ups the ante. But Tom, you forgot to mention Poopy-Pants Boxer (D-DooDooLand) or Skunk Breath Sanders (D-Uranus).

"It’s more like Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration law that drastically reduced the number of Europeans who could immigrate to the U.S., more than half of which voted Republican, while vastly expanding Third World immigration quotas, almost all of whom vote Democrat."

Who even knew quotas were allowed to vote?


  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Callahan has just maximized his marginal value productivity. ENCORE!


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