Impeach Obama?

Someone in the middle of Milford, PA, was manning a booth with a sign saying "Impeach Obama" attached to it. As someone who was in favor of impeaching both Clinton and Bush II, I declare this officially ludicrous--if Obama deserves impeachment, so did every president who ever held the office. Sure, if one is an anarchist or Russian spy, and wants to undermine any possibility of governing the US, one rationally might be for this. But I guarantee this guy is just a rabid partisan, who, incredibly, does not even realize that Obama is giving us "Bush lite" -- more Iraq, more Afghanistan, more Guantanamo, more Wall St. bailouts. It's kind of like someone taking baseball rivalries so seriously that he wants the Red Sox jailed because he's a Yankee fan.


  1. But shouldn't we favor impeaching Obama, as every other president before?

  2. What good would that be for, Adriaan?

  3. What was your beef with Clinton? The Lewinski thing?

  4. The chief problem is the spiralling growth of government and rent-seeking. My own view is that the chief factor has been the grant of limited liability to corporations, which has fuelled the use of that moral-hazard-enabling form of organization.

    While responsibility must be shared, I detest the GOP and Bush administration, in particular, for deliberately and cynically fostering the partisanship, fear and mistrust that are making not merely the country unmanageable, but even conversation difficult - all while growing federal government and robbing us blind.

    Just one skewed ideologue's view.

  5. Adriaan, I think I conceded that, if you want to make the US ungovernable, impeaching every president might seem dandy?

  6. Bob: With Clinton, it was not fooling around, but doing it with a low-level underling, in his office, with the aid of government personnel, and then using those personnel to cover it up.

    I figured the CEO of any company I've worked for would be fired for that, and so should the president.


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