Might and Meaning

Might and Meaning

The mood took me over the hill,
Giving me some suchness to consider,
But I didn't. Fuck suchness, and fuck
The almighty God-worn meaning.

I honor those who study meaning;
That is a lost cause, for meaning
Cannot be rectified, no matter what
Your lexicographers are telling you,

O mighty one. Speaking of meaning,
I didn't mean this to be an appeal
To you for support, O mighty one,
But now that it is, please give generously.

Can we not describe this differently,
O mighty one? I shall of course
Lie however blatantly you desire,
O mighty one. But, if I may presume,

Think of your subject public: it may not matter
What they think, but their collective fear
Is like smog, and, as for smog,
Can be wiped away with good rule.


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