Well, I'd Like to Read This, But...

My friends Pete Boettke and Pete Leeson have edited The Legacy of Ludwig Von Mises, which I'd like to read, except:
1) Amazon is not offering a Table of Contents, so I can't really tell if what is in it is new to me; but, more importantly...
2) The price is... wait for it... $590.

Aaargh, the pirate in me says -- my opportunity cost for buying this is 10 or 20 normally priced books.


  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    $590 is just the inflated Amazon price. You can get it from alternate sellers through Amazon for $409.40.

  2. TOC: http://www.e-elgar.com/Bookentry_contents.lasso?id=2113

    Cheaper: http://www.cqout.com/item.asp?id=8065695

    Notice that this is really *two* books. And in the end, isn't the primary opportunity cost for reading books your time, not your money?

  3. Yes, jeremy h., that's my primary opportunity cost for READING them -- but now, I'm looking at my primary opportunity cost for BUYING them.

  4. You still use Amazon?


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