Friday, December 10, 2010

Well, I'd Like to Read This, But...

My friends Pete Boettke and Pete Leeson have edited The Legacy of Ludwig Von Mises, which I'd like to read, except:
1) Amazon is not offering a Table of Contents, so I can't really tell if what is in it is new to me; but, more importantly...
2) The price is... wait for it... $590.

Aaargh, the pirate in me says -- my opportunity cost for buying this is 10 or 20 normally priced books.


  1. $590 is just the inflated Amazon price. You can get it from alternate sellers through Amazon for $409.40.

  2. TOC:


    Notice that this is really *two* books. And in the end, isn't the primary opportunity cost for reading books your time, not your money?

  3. Yes, jeremy h., that's my primary opportunity cost for READING them -- but now, I'm looking at my primary opportunity cost for BUYING them.

  4. You still use Amazon?


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