Two Things My Students Can't Grasp

1) That households might be net savers.
Today they had to graph the simple model of the classical loanable funds market for the fourth time on a test, and they still can't believe that changes in households' preferences change the supply curve. I decided that is because it is inconceivable to them that households are ever anything other than massively in debt.

2) How to use a desktop stapler.
Ninety percent of my students hold the durned thing up in the air and then fight for about ten seconds to get the staple through eight pages. I showed one of them how easy it was when you left the desktop stapler on the desk and his eyes popped wide open.


  1. On (1), are your students assuming the government is running a budget surplus? Because Modern Monetary Theory says households can't save on net...

  2. Does it? I've read some things about MMT and I don't recall of ever reading that!

    Have you ever written something about MMT? I'd like to read your opinion about it, as it seems that Post-Keynesianism, chartalism and MMT are gaining influence.


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