Why Won't They Come Out and Condemn Terror?

Is something you hear from Muslim-haters again and again.

Here's the Muslim Council of Britain today:

"Few will mourn the reported death of Osama bin Laden, least of all Muslims. Many Muslims will reflect on the 10 years that have passed in which our faith and our community have been seen through the prism of terrorism and security. The Muslim Council of Britain has consistently stood firm against terrorism and violence, and will continue to do so."

Of course, it won't matter how many times more Muslim groups say this, just like it won't matter how many times more Obama proves he was born in the US. Facts cannot penetrate some beliefs.


  1. Though I like to think I can sustain friendly conversation with most anyone, provided our talk keeps itself well to the lee side of politics, religion or philosophic dogma, prescribed or subscribed, to the extent those rightward folk who presume I am on their "side" due to, say, my former-life immersion in Austro-libertarian social thought, or my Absolute Zero body temperature when thermometered before an image of an elected Democrat, choose to vent their guilty-till-proven-not Muslim-bashing anathemas, I am forced to recall the C18 Quaker who, confronted aboard ship by a pirate, said "Friend, thee has no business here", and calmly and stoutly tossed him to the sharks. For such thoughts I have been, with much gratitude afterthought, compared by many a winger to the more sphincterine precincts of the human anatomy.


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