What Is Most Important About the Sacred Parent-Child Relationship... Rothbard Edition

Here: "In the first place, the overriding fact of parent–child relations is that the child lives on the property of his parents."

There you have it folks: the "overriding fact" of the parent-child bond is that the child is sort of a free-loading tenant of the parent.


  1. Was there anything Rothbard did consider sacred enough not to taint with his views?

  2. Libertarians are nuts. QED.

    That said, on issues that can legitimately be reduced to economics, they often make sense.

    1. Indeed, anyone who likes markets is right when markets can be applied. They're our best social technology. The nuts part starts with "all rights are property rights". This implies all rights are fungible, which they aren't. It continues with the "markets can never fail" mantra, which is wrong too. This is what irks me about Libertarians of the LVMI stripe. They discredit reasonable advocates of market solutions.


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