How religious traditionalists will be forced to attend same-sex marriages

Or lose their jobs:

My friend Jim Henley recently wrote (I quote from memory, but I am pretty sure Jim will say I got him essentially right here): "Come on, Gene, no one is forcing traditional Christians to attend same-sex marriages."

Not quite yet, but it is coming very soon. Here's how it will work:

Many company employees are typically invited to the wedding when someone in a company, particularly someone prominent in a company, gets married. What will happen when this is a same-sex couple?

A traditional Christian, or Jew, or Muslim, may be able to opt out of attending one of these ceremonies by being "sick," or something of the sort. But if they do this a couple of times, they will get called to HR. If they let slip that they could not attend, because they don't believe in SSM, they will be fired for creating a "hostile work environment."

A prediction: the first instance of this happening will occur within the next year. Then it will become more and more common.


  1. Okay, that is plausible and I would not mind laws against that. That is an instance of control, like when an employer tries to control the actions of an employee outside of work.

  2. Huh, the whole "your corporate masters force you to attend their weddings" thing is an interesting hypothetical. Has this ever happened, or are you extrapolating from the odious team building retreats that companies try to force their employees to attend?

    And, also I've got to question "... if they do this a couple of times..." -- a company that (a) would force employees to attend executive commitment ceremonies and (b) has enough gay/bi executives to make executive suite SSM marriages a commonplace thing would have a screamingly queer workplace culture even in a state that discriminates against them. A self-proclaimed traditional Jew/Jewish heretic would find such a workplace to be intolerable even before the first wedding announcement came out.


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