Political Order and Political Decay

My review of Fukuyama is online at The American Conservative.


  1. Man, reading that article gave me déjà vu. You used some of the exact same passages from your blog posts on Fukuyama made within the last 6 months (that seems like a long time to write an article).

    Another thing: what is up with the concentration of ancaps on TAC? The connection between them, FEE, and Mises seems to confirm my growing suspicions that ancapism is more like a certain kind of "frosting" that people with parochialist conservative tendencies, particularly paleos, tend to have. Commonalities like the use of certain phrases (i.e., "welfare-warfare state", "statism", etc.) and certain theories (i.e., certain things regarding norms, culture, and so forth) reinforce this.

    1. I use the blog as my scratchpad in writing a review.

      Time: There were three months between my finishing and publication.
      McCarthy was once an ancap, and I think some of his connections from those days followed him to TAC.

    2. Oi. It seems to me like anarcho-capitalism is just one of those niches that is just particular to conservatism, like Posse Comitatus.


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