Designing sophisticated equipment...

Without words:

"Now, in my work, before I attempt any construction, I test run the equipment in my imagination. I visualize my designs being used in every possible situation, with different sizes and breeds of cattle and in different weather conditions. Doing this enables me to correct mistakes prior to construction... I can view it from any angle, placing myself above or below the equipment and rotating it at the same time. I don't need a fancy graphics program that can produce three-dimensional design simulations. I can do it better and faster in my head." -- Temple Grandin, Thinking in Pictures, pp. 4-5

I think it is ridiculous for someone to deny that Grandin is thinking when she does the above. (By the way, fully a third of the cattle and hogs processed in the US pass through her equipment.)


  1. Who argues that people who think in pictures don't think at all. The idea that thought can be done in images seems pretty common to me.


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