Sunday, June 07, 2015

John Gray on Liberal Interventionism

"By intervening in societies of which they know nothing, western elites are advancing a future they believe is prefigured in themselves -- a new world based on freedom, democracy and human rights. The results are clear -- failed states, zones of anarchy and new and worse tyrannies; but in order that they may see themselves as world-changing figures, our leaders have chosen not to see what they have done." -- The Soul of the Marionette, pp. 89-90


  1. It is interesting how the failure of rationalism in politics manages to eek itself out in a variety of insightful sources. This seems, at least to me, to count as evidence in favor of abandoning this theory.

    1. Gray studied Oakeshott extensively, so he is not an independent source, but he is a smart guy, and sees the problem.


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