That's *Exactly* Who They Want!

I was talking with a friend who works for [MAJOR INVESTMENT BANK X]. He said he had just interviewed a very bright fellow from [AFRICAN COUNTRY Y]. He asked the young man what his career goal was. The young man replied "I want to be president of Y."

My friend said, "Well, that is a great goal, but don't mention that to people at future interviews. Say something in the nearer future, like, 'I want to be a stock analyst.'"

I was perplexed. I told my friend, "I'm pretty sure your bank would love to have the president of Y on their payrol!"


  1. Of course. I'm sure any company, if offered the power to run a country, would leap at the chance.

  2. Maybe they already have one.

    Like Goldman Sachs here.

    1. I actually said, "Do you think Goldman Sachs is going to turn down an applicant because they want to be Treasury Secretary?"

      But even if the current president works for them, he's bound to age, right?

    2. Yes. The shrewd manipulator wants the leader, the leader of the opposition, etc.
      This is why I'm always more suspicious about "good citizen" corporate donors like ADM that donate about equally to both parties over overtly partisan ones. Farm subsidies just won't die, will they?


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