People Rigging Election

Roundly mock man for claiming election is rigged.


  1. Well, Trump and Clinton are both claiming the election is rigged, and for the same reason (so the one who loses has something to blame it on).

    Her claim is a little more subtle than his -- and a lot more dangerous, because she's blaming the rigging on a foreign power.

    1. "Rigged" to me here means "set up so that no one out side the ruling elite can win."

      And it only takes manipulation of public opinion to rig it that way.

  2. It is hard to break into these parties, yes!? And they even rig the game for themselves and their own, in a myriad of ways! But I don't think the election is being thrown at a Post Office in Columbus Ohio! Hahahaha

  3. Sort of begging the question? Who is doing the rigging and how is it being done and towards what ends?

    1. I think you mean "raising the question."


      "Who is doing the rigging..."

      The ruling elite.

      "how is it being done"

      Manipulating public opinion.

      "towards what ends?"

      Maintaining their rule.

  4. To be fair, I don't see the practice of super delegates in DNC as rigging.

    The Democratic Party is a private organization that can nominate whomever it wants, whether or not they win the primaries or not. If people don't like it, they can run for another party.

  5. Gene, Trump is claiming more than that. He's not just talking about the media/elites manipulating public opinion. He's also talking about widespread voted fraud. That claim is what attracting so much derision. There is no reason to think that we have a significant voter fraud problem in this country.

  6. The problem with that notion is that both major party candidates are members in good standing of the ruling elite; a win by either one would ensure continued maintenance of that elite's rule. Looks more like a final split between the two factions of the elite, an end to their 130-year "it's all good as long as ONE of us wins" bargain.


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