Bleg: Does Skype have the worst user interface ever?

OK, I have "Pending contact request"s on Skype. The obvious thing to do would be to make that message itself a link to the dialogue where you accept the request.

But Skype did not do that.

A second best would be have an option on the "contact" menu called something like "Accept pending requests."

But Skype did not do that.

A third best might be to double click on the contact from whom one has the pending request, and then get a button or something to accept the request.

But Skype did not do that.

I have searched Skype help for "pending" and "accept": nothing. Searching for "request" explains how to send a contact request. I asked both of the people who sent me requests if they know how to accept requests, and neither of them has any clue. I have googled, but every result I get seems to describe some earlier version of Skype because the "Accept" button they talk about is not where they say it should be.

What, exactly, did Skype do to enable the acceptance of pending requests? I have been searching for two days, and have no idea! Whatever they did, they have hidden the feature with the extreme cunning and stealth.

Or, in other words...


PS: I may have figured out what is happening. It may be the case that I sent these people contact requests (although I don't recall doing so), and they haven't accepted. But this would have been so easy to clarify on Skype's part: "You sent a pending contact request" or "You received a pending contact request."

PPS: That weren't it! I checked, and the gentlemen in question don't have contact requests.


  1. Ha! It's almost like some AI is behind this, reasoning that 'contact' is reciprocal. The palm contacts the face just as the face contacts the palm.

  2. I suspect you have probably already tried this but just in case:

  3. Good bleg post, Gene!


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