Come again?

Journalists are supposedly taught to keep sentences and paragraphs short, so that their writing is easy to follow. How, then, did the following come about?

"However, Jazz management opted not to risk losing Hill in free agency without a suitable replacement after he declined their attempts to sign him to an extension during the season, trading Oklahoma City's lottery-protected 2018 first-round pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Rubio before the July 1 deadline to use salary cap space remaining from last season."

I've read that three times now, and while I understand it involves three teams, two players, and a draft pick, I really don't understand much more than that.


  1. Let me help! I used to translate Libertarian into English on Murphy's blog!

    The team Jazz faces losing their top player, Count Basie Hill, when he become a free agent. To avert the weakening that such a loss would entail they traded for a senator with small hands. They did this now so they could count his bribe against a notional limit from the past year. To get him they had to trade away a particularly valuable draft pick, one which could not be preempted by the Publisher's Clearing House lottery winner.


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