I have discovered a new form of anxiety I can suffer from

I'm one of those people who, when I leave the apartment, am sure I left the burner / AC / lights on, and I have to run back and check. Or, at a show, I'm sure I have misplaced my ticket, and I have to check my pocket. And, most often, the fear proves groundless: the burner is off, and the ticket is right where it ought to be.

Well, tonight, I left the office, got two blocks away... and had to run back, because I was sure I had forgotten to push my code to my GitHub repo. (This was important because I needed to do more work from home.)

And, of course, I found I had pushed it.

So now I've got this as well.


  1. To counter this I set up my home machine so I can ssh into it from anywhere I am working and run the git push I really did forget.

    1. All set up, at work on home, access from my phone. Work should be stable, but what do you do if your ISP gives you a new home IP address?

    2. I use nopip.com to set up a domain name for whatever IP address my ISP gives me. They have a free tier of service. My router can send the current IP to noip.com. For security I would recommend disallowing root access via ssh. /etc/sshd_config

  2. Do you have a metric whereby we can measure this effect?


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