GitHub is worried about bias against...

fashionable groups only!

Their new report on diversity is extremely concerned that they do not have enough "non-binary" employees, but...

their population is wildly "young-skewed"... but who cares! No one is awarding SJW-points for worrying about age discrimination.

And GitHub, why not report on the religious distribution of your population, or the political distribution? Aren't you worried that, say, Republicans or Orthodox Jews might be under-represented?

Of course you aren't! You are working damned hard to make sure that conservatives and the religiously orthodox are under-represented!


  1. I think this is the report that Gene is referring to:

    (In my opinion and based solely on the report Github appears to be trying hard to make their company a fair place to work for women , racial minorities and the non-binary - if that deters 'conservatives and the religiously orthodox' - I guess they should look for work elsewhere)

    1. As is typical, in the hands of rob everything written here is re-written into a strawman he can have his way with. I said that GitHub is no doubt anxious, in the name of *inclusion*, to *exclude* conservatives and religiously orthodox, not that being fair *deterred* them! Although I am sure they must exist somewhere, I have never met a conservative or religiously orthodox person who objected to a workplace being *fair* for all. However, everyone who has ever worked at a place putting out such a report *knows* that it is not about *being fair*: it is about *favoring* certain preferred categories of people, and getting rid of those in non-preferred categories should they complain.

    2. And note how happy rob is that, in the name of "inclusion," conservatives and the religiously orthodox will be excluded from the workplace!
      Inclusion: 100% phony!


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