I Struggled with the Decision

Andrew Sullivan has come out in favor of legalizing late-term abortions. The reason? "For all the women involved, this was unimaginably painful."

I've seen this before, and often on this very issue: they struggled with the decision, so therefore it is... well, what exactly? Not immoral? Immoral, but more OK than if they hadn't struggled with it?

But... what in the world does struggling have to do with the morality of the decision one reaches? So...

JUDGE: Did you rape those ten women?

DEFENDANT: Yes, your honor. But the decision to do so was incredibly painful.

JUDGE: Oh! Well then, off you go!

What complete, mush-brained nonsense Sullivan is spouting!


  1. How can he still call himself a Christian? Being against infanticide is a defining feature of Christianity.


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