Has Italy Been Doing a Little Conquering?

AltaVista offers me the following:
"Study Italian in Italy
Language courses in Italy - selected universities and academies. Courses and programs in Madrid,
Barcelona, Salamanca and Marbella. Links and information."

On the topic of language, Umberto Eco tells (in Mourse or Rat?) of being given a copy of a book translated into Italian without having the original. The translation said that the first American scientists gathered to create the A-bomb began by conducting corse di treni. He was immediately suspicious as to why "persons who were supposed to discover the secrets of the atom wasted their precious time..." by racing trains. He changed the text to read the Italian equivalent of "training courses," and recommended the translator be fired.


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    You mean Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca, Marbella are NOT in Italy? Where are they anyway? And where's Italy, now I think of it??

  2. Dear Sudha,
    I am continually honored to find you are a reader of my blog!


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