You can't make this stuff up

Yes, you read correctly. Have some Ranch Chicken, and become aware of the Vegan lifestyle.


  1. Woody3:30 PM

    I'm not sure exactly what makes a chicken a "ranch chicken", nor am I sure how a domestic animal merits the title "free range."

    Chickens are omnivores, but maybe the ranch chicken is kept away from animal products (chickens enjoy insects and tiny mammals) and fed a pure vegetable diet. If you're really into being a vegan, a vegan pet could very well be the perfect addition to your family.

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I think it means you're suppose to acknowledge vegans, as you bite into your ranch chicken, shaking your head and saying "better you than me!"

  3. Woody9:35 PM

    If you only wish to acknowledge vegans, why would you waste your time with any kind of chicken? Sometimes, while whittling a rare t-bone with my teeth, I think of the vegans. I think: "You've got to be kidding me, statistically you're only buying six months with that kind of diet!" How much do we really value that last six months if we're to be attached to a respirator in a nursing home?

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