Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cell Phone Laws, Part II

I recently came up with the following thought experiment: In a place where driving while using a hand-held phone is illegal, get a toy cell phone. Then drive around with it held up to your ear. When you get pulled over, show the officer at your window that you weren't using a cell phone, but just playing at it. What will happen?

When I ran this idea by TT Tom, he speculated, "You'll be shot for annoying the cop that much." But seriously, what is the legal status of such behaviour? I imagine that you can do the exact same actions as if you were on the phone, but not be subject to any penalty.


  1. Woody2:07 AM

    Cops seem to find it reasonable to conduct a search for drugs anytime they pull over a motorist.

    Even if you're not carrying, would you trust a cop to not plant evidence?

  2. You'd probably be done for the offence of obstructing the police in the execution of their duty.


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