I Once Was Even Funnier

I went to my friend Stu Morgenstern's bachelor party Saturday night. For those of you who don't know just how damned funny I was when I wrote with Stu, here are some samples:
Elegant Living in Perilous Times

The Wizard of Is I Excerpt:
Vernon Jordan as the Good Witch:
She brings you good news
Or haven’t you heard
When she fell on the Starr
A miracle occurred
Monica Lewinsky as Dorothy:
It really was no miracle
What happened was just this:
My skirt began to hitch
My thong – a stitch
Bill was in the same hall
Feeling quite an itch
Just then – a glitch:
It was in Bill’s last twitch
Left a stain on my dress
Reported by a snitch
Media: And what happened then was rich!

The Wizard of Is II
The Wizard of Is III

(Then, in a tragic twist of fate, a woman ended it all!)


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