New US Strategy in War on Terrorism...

is terrorism!

Also: Will Wilkinson on status.

Sheldon Richman on supporting the troops.

Jesse Walker reviews some great movies from past years.

And check out his amusing commentary on Santa.

Those of you who remember the Merry Pranksters may have been wondering, "What's become of Stewart Brand?" Wonder no more.

Doesn't Crash Landing have a lot of posts starting with "new" these days?


  1. Professor David Ray Griffin lecture summarizing 9/11 events, and new world order.

    See here the: VIDEO HERE

  2. Hi

    Happy new year. That was a nice post there. Terrorism, the war on terror etc. leave very strong feelings.

    Your blog made me think of the Indian context and "..Gudia, a Muslim girl and Shri Ramdev ji, a Hindu male...".

    I feel Terrorim need not be overt. It could be covert too. . My blog below is on how the society defines the "weak" and who becomes the underdog !

    more at



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