Medical Marijuana

I think this is the way we're going to get a (de facto) end to the War on Drugs. The government will retain the laws in order to imprison anybody they feel like (just like you can lock up anyone on Wall Street if you want because he or she is undoubtedly breaking some regulation), but with the continued depiction in the media etc. of how harmless drug users can be, I think the public will become more and more tolerant. But it will be a long long time before a candidate for president vows to legalize heroin. (Oh, it was funny that the CNN correspondent I saw concerning this was named Bill [?] Puffer.)


  1. I don't agree, Bob. This teaches the public that if really sick people need pot, then our enlightened state will make sure they--and only they--get it. Meanwhile it will crack down on anyone else interested in the stuff in order to show that this is not a step toward full decriminalization. I don't see how empowering doctors (already state deputies) to give certain sick people permission to use pot is a move toward liberty. Thomas Szasz has pegged medical marijuana for what it is: an expansion of the Therapeutic State.

  2. Sheldon,

    Ehh, I dunno. I think that's like saying you're against tax loopholes. I see what you're saying, but I predict that it will be easier for regular people to score a bag after this stuff goes through. And I think it is indeed a step toward full decriminalization because now people may think, "Oh, it's not just concentrated evil, huh? It actually is a 'drug' like aspirin and other 'drugs'..."

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