Processed Basketball

"It's been a process," [Seton Hall coach] Orr said. "You never get from one stage to the next without it being a process. Our confidence has grown with every victory. Our poise has grown with late-game successes, being able to execute, making plays toward the end of games. ... It's been a process.


  1. What's your point? The process of a sports team spokesperson giving a vacuous comment? The process of the media marketing it as entertainment? The process of the consumer following up on the initial meaningless comment? Or the previous processes as one process?
    A substantive sports comment is 'We plan to score points for our team while in the process of preventing the other team from scoring their own points.'
    Or is it about UCONN? If so, it's not about the 'Nova game.

  2. Anonymous4:39 AM

    I think Orr has been in a lot of psychotherapy.

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