UAE Port Deal

"Bush and his aides have argued that the United Arab Emirates is an anti-terrorist ally and that the company would have no security role. But even Bush allies, like South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham, have called the deal "politically tone deaf."

"With Republican and Democratic lawmakers drafting legislation to block the port deal, Bush vowed on Tuesday to use his veto for the first time should any such law reach his desk, drawing the lines for a high-stakes political battle."

You know, you just want to pass a campaign-finance-reform law that Bush had declared unconstitutional, and that's no cause for him to use his veto. But if you try to nix a deal with his family's oil buddies, now them's fightin' words!

(And note: I'm not saying the deal should be scrapped -- I'd have to study the issue a lot more before I had a definite opinion. I just think it is interesting what sort of issue finally calls for the use of Bush's veto power.)


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