Saturday, May 20, 2006

Charles Johnson Catches Tom Friedman Redhanded

Sometimes you can really smoke someone, even in politics and even on the Internet. I thought I had snagged Clifford May pretty well in his National Review Online apologetics for Bush, but Charles Johnson's got Tom Friedman by the cajones (unless this is a complete fabrication).

Granted, some of these excerpts are consistent; e.g. if Friedman says "We'll know the outcome in Iraq in the next six months" today and then "We're in the end game now" next week, that's perfectly fine. But look at how far apart some of these statements are! Nobody should ever listen to this guy's "predictions" on Iraq again. He is to foreign policy what Paul Ehrlich is to demographics. Well, maybe not quite, since Ehrlich says we're all going to die unless we change course, whereas Friedman says Iraqis won't die if we don't change course. (Thanks to Roderick Long for bringing this to our attention.)

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