Look Who's Coming for Dinner!

Last fall I planted some bulbs in my meadow in Pennsylvania. But I apparently miscalculated, as the planting soil I used collapsed, creating a crater, which stated wet annd rotted the bulbs. Last week my son filled the depression with the garden hose. One week later, look who's in there:

How did they find out so fast? Was there a posting on Craig's List? "Three amphibians needed to split rent on one-level puddle in nice Milford meadow. No newts, please!"


  1. I see four frogs. Do you suppose they are undocumented?

  2. I've been out front demanding their papers, but they just keep staring at me all goggly-eyed. I'm starting to suspect that they are none too B-R-I-G-H-T.

  3. Perhaps a fence at the property boundary?

  4. By the way, that puddle is probably now a Federally protected wetlands habitat. You must preserve it, or else.


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