Philosopher's Test

When my e-mail account at LSE was turned on, the first e-mail I received was from the sys admin. It read: "Please ignore this e-mail. This is just a test."

Of course, if I ignored the e-mail, I would have been doing what it said to do, which meant I wasn't ignoring it. So should I respond? I finally decided it was an initiation rite for new philosophy students -- anyone who was so freaked out by the conundrum that they didn't show up in London wouldn't be able to cut it in philsophy classes.


  1. Okay Gene, I'm pretty sure this is the 2nd time that you've repeated a blog post. I.e. you made this exact same joke when you first got the email.

    The other time (I think) was your joke about being in the restroom and waiting for "Employees Must Wash Hands."

    (I'm starting to wonder if you are just a Turing machine...?)

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