Cool Camille

Camille Paglia is probably scorned by many right-wingers, but she's actually pretty cool. The following quote comes from the bottom of the 3rd page of this article:

This kind of outreach to expose and remedy injustice represents the finest spirit of leftism, a practical, compassionate activism -- not the pretentious postmodernist jargon and sanctimonious attitudinizing that still pass for leftism among too many college faculty. Capitalism, which spawned modern individualism as well as the emancipated woman who can support herself, is essentially Darwinian. It expands any society's sum total of wealth and radically raises the standard of living, but it leaves the poor and weak without a safety net. Capitalism needs the ethical counter-voice of leftism to keep it honest. But leftists must be honest in turn about what we owe to capitalism -- without which Western women would have no professional jobs to go to but would be stuck doing laundry by hand and stooping over pots on the hearth fire all day long.


  1. I thought she IS a right winger.

  2. Maybe economically, she's a very decadant libertine otherwise. She has publicly revered pornography as high art among other things. I tried reading her book Artistic Personnae but only got a a few hundred pages into it. That woman has deconstructed herself into insanity.

  3. Naked chicks have been part of high art for centuries.

  4. Here's one of her more famous quotes:

    "What feminists denounce as woman's humiliating total accessibility in porn is actually her elevation to high priestess of a pagan paradise garden....Modern middle-class women cannot bear the thought that their hard-won professional achievements can be outweighed in an instant by a young hussy flashing a little tits and ass. But the gods have given her power."

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